RECAP: HIMYM ‘No Questions Asked’

No Questions Asked

This season of “How I Met Your Mother” has been pretty slow minus a few highly anticipated moments- like when we finally saw some interaction between The Mother and Ted. But finally, with “No Questions Asked” we got to see the gang interact in their special quirky way.

Last week‘s episode ended when Marshall’s road trip partner Daphne, sent Lily a text revealing Marshall’s new job. Marshall called his friends to ask one favor- with no questions asked: delete the last text on Lily’s phone. And just like when Robin tried stealing Barney’s play book, everything turned into a mess.

Ted was called upon (he was the 9th person Marshall called) after owing Marshall for helping him out of a mailbox he was stuck in while trying to retrieve a creepy love letter he almost sent. Instead of taking the obvious route to Lily’s room (the door’s lock was broken), he decided to enter through the drain pipe. This didn’t work, and instead scared Lily. Lily was, un admittedly, already frightened due to the fact that Marshall had requested room 13, which was haunted by the ghost of Deerduff the Hooker.

When Ted realized he had probably failed, he heard noises coming from the air ducts. It was Barney, who also made up an elaborate plan to get to the phone. Marshall had signed Barney out of the hospital after staff deemed him a danger to himself since he swallowed all the real-life versions of the Lucky Charms marshmallows, on a bet of course, therefor owing Marshall a no questions asked. Finding Barney did nothing but confuse Lily.

Lily was already annoyed by all the intrusions, all the “ghost” caused problems in the room like the door lock being broken, and after receiving some unwanted room service, left the room to go yell at the front desk. But before the gang realized she had left, they saw Robin was also in on the plan to get the phone, as she also owed Marshall a no questions asked after he caught her from a fall during what seemed like a vigilante group outing (still so many questions). Robin was hiding in the room service cart. But alas, she didn’t get the phone either. The phone was with Lily downstairs.

While Ted left to go get the phone, Barney and Robin realized that they were about to go off on their own adventures to get the phone, instead of becoming a team. They realized, for the second time in the episode (Barney ordered doves for the wedding, Robin’s family was planning a gun salute), that they don’t communicate. They are both “lone wolves.” Eventually they realized they could become a team, but to pick a weak part of the episode, the conversation seemed trite.

Meanwhile, downstairs Ted realized that Lily owed him a no questions asked after delivering cupcakes to Lily’s classroom only to find her tied up and surrounded by little kids. He asked her to smash the phone and so she did. This prompted Ted to ask Marshall why he hadn’t just asked Lily to delete the text, no questions asked. Marshall said he didn’t have any with Lily; they told each other everything. This made him realize, he had to tell her. Lily’s reaction: She might kill Marshall.

As charming as this episode was, we need to see some ends tied up. What’s going to happen with Lily and Marshall? WHEN WILL SEE MORE OF THE MOTHER?!

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