One Direction’s “Midnight Memories” available for pre-order now


One Direction announced on Friday (Sept. 6th) the name and release date for their next album, Midnight Memories. Their third studio album will be released November 25th, but fans can pre-order it beginning today on iTunes. The boys put up a blog on their official website writing,

“We’ve put a lot of love into this album and we’re really proud of our new music – we hope you’ll love the tracks as much as we do. We had amazing time writing and recording on the road!!”

Sony also just announced that an extended version of 1D’s film, “One Direction: This is Us,” will be released this Friday. The version will feature 20 minutes of extra footage, including four new songs. This release may be to bring back the adoring fans into theaters and boost sales. The movie saw a 74% drop in box office during it’s second weekend, which is a higher drop than previous concert films like Justin Bieber’s (55%) and Michael Jackson’s (43%). Sony says, “We’re overwhelmed by the response to the film, so we’re thrilled to be able to release this extended cut of the film for One Direction fans.”


Anyone else love One Direction’s subtly explicit album titles?

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