Nick Santino Releases New Song “Long Way Home”


When we sat down with Nick Santino in December, he told us he had recorded a song with John O’Callaghan of The Maine. Well, that song is finally here. Nick released the song, “Long Way Home” as part of the 8123 Single Series. “Long Way Home” was co written by Nick and John, and produced by Pat Kirch of The Maine. The song is available on iTunes and on a limited edition 7″ Vinyl, which can be purchased here. (FYI, you can listen to the song for free there too.) The vinyl also includes a bonus track, a cover by Nick of a song originally by The Maine.

The 8123 Single Series was created by Kirch. “The idea of doing an 8123 single series came very naturally,” Kirch explains. ”We wanted to be able to play around with some collaborations and yet still be able to release the music for fans to hear.”

Check out the making of the song below:

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