Must See Movies At The 2015 LA Film Festival


“Caught” Still Courtesy of MarVista Entertainment

The Los Angeles Film Festival, which runs from June 10-18, is fast approaching! Festival organizers, Film Independent, announced the full lineup last Tuesday and with 74 features, 60 shorts, and 50 new media projects, there are a lot of decisions to make.

With such a big lineup that’s packed with amazing films, there’s definitely a film for everyone, but how do you narrow down which ones you’ll catch? Don’t fret guys, we will ease your anxiety, here are four stand-outs you’ll definitely want to add to your  festival watch list.

The Diary of A Teenage Girl,” has been getting a lot of buzz since its debut at Sundance this year. Based on a graphic novel, Marielle Heller’s directorial debut focuses on the sexual awakening of main character Minnie in 1970s San Francisco. Her love story comes with a catch—her partner also happens to be her mother’s boyfriend.

“Dope,” another Sundance favorite, will add some laughter to your festival experience. Set in L.A., the film follows Malcom, a self-proclaimed 90s hip-hop geek with straight A’s, who through a series of turns, finds himself trying to unload drugs to avoid a dealer’s wrath.

Based on the stories of Jose Luis Borges, “Sin Alas” follows main character Luis’ as he discovers –through an obituary– that his former lover, Isabela has died. After reading the obituary, Luis sees Isabela onstage, just as she had looked during their affair 40 years prior. The film chronicles Luis’ journey as he unravels the past, bouncing between the present-day Havana and the Havana of the late 60s where their affair took place.

Caught”: For a touch of suspense in your festival, don’t miss this campy thriller. “Caught” showcases what happens when teenage Allie’s affair with an older married man is discovered by his manic wife Sabrina. Sabrina gives off Stepford wife vibes, with that suburban complacency replaced with killer intent.

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