Marvel’s ‘Ant Man’ Tops Box Office For Second Week In a Row


Marvel’s “Ant Man” starring Paul Rudd came out on top at the box office for the second week in a row. The number one film brought in $24.765 million, a 57% drop from its premiere week. Following at number two is Adam Sandler‘s “Pixels.” The Christopher Columbus directed flick brought in a disappointing $24 million.

The Universal comedy “Minions,” came in third, bringing in $22.1 millions. However, the film took the top spot worldwide. Internationally, “Minions” finished with $44 million, bringing it’s total to $66.1 million. “Ant Man” was not far off with a worldwide total of $66 million.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdam‘s film, “Southpaw” came in at number five with $16.5 million, beating the latest John Green adaptation “Paper Towns.” While “Southpaw” outperformed early estimates, “Paper Towns” underwhelmed. Some estimates believed the film, starring Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff, could bring in around $48 million, but in reality, ended the weekend at the number six spot with $12.5 million.

After ending the weekend with $6.9 million, “Jurassic World” broke records, becoming the third highest grossing film in North American history with a total of $623.8 million so far. (Behind only “Titanic” and “Avatar”).

1. “Ant-Man,” $24.765 million
2. “Pixels,” $24 million*
3. “Minions,” $22.1 million
4. “Trainwreck,” $17.3 million

5. “Southpaw,” $16.5 million*
6. “Paper Towns,” $12.5 million*
7. “Inside Out,” $7.4 million
8. “Jurassic World,” $6.9 million
9. “Mr. Holmes,” $2.8 million.
10. “Terminator Genisys,” $2.4 million
* indicates premiere weekend

What did you watch this weekend?

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