M Dot Design Studio 2013 Fall Line

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The M Dot Design Studio brought a perfect touch of elegance and edge to LA fashion week, Thursday, with a poolside fashion show.

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Designer Michelle Aquinos walking the poolside catwalk.

Fashion week is always an exciting time full of discovery of new designers, and seeing the latest fashion masterpieces our favorite designers have been working on. M Dot Design Studio came on thescene back in 2009 and since then has been consistently creating quality, handmade and stylish garments — their fashion show this year at the W Hotel in Westwood was no exception.

The runway was nontraditional, set outside poolside, but memorable as the contrasting blue pool water beautifully allowed the clothes to pop against it. The fall collection embodied the no fuss laid back lifestyle of the west coast with the perfect hint of sophistication. The color palette included an array of earthy colors like creams, mauves, browns, and hints of gold that work seamlessly with the California fall and winter season.

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Models showing off their faux bobs.

If there is one thing in a fashion show that is just as important as the clothes and the designer it’s the models. The right models make people want what they are selling in that moment, and they did just that.  The models fit the clothes and the brand seamlessly and left you wanting to replicate the faux bob they were all rocking, and more importantly own the clothes they were wearing.

M Dot Design Studio founder and fashion designer, Michelle Aquinos’ 2013 fall fashion show intrigued the crowd with her clean refined lines and modern twists on classic closet staples. Aquinos’ ability to capture effortlessness is a gift you get when buying one of her pieces.


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  1. Gigi

    October 26, 2013 at 1:43 am

    Amateur…clothes are forever 21 quality at best. Michelle Aquino derives her style from the lower end mall stores . Gotta commend the effort though

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