Free on iTunes: What to pass and what not to miss


This week there are three very different songs for free on iTunes. I try to remember to frequently check the iTunes free downloads, but honestly, it’s like going vintage shopping; sometimes you have to dig through some very awful things to find some very hidden gems.

The first song is “Now is the Start” by A Fine Frenzy. While I’m not an avid listener of Alison Sudol, I do remember her hauntingly beautiful song from years ago “Almost Lover,” and I have a few random songs of hers mixed into my ipod. This song seems like a slight departure from what I would expect from her. The song is upbeat, but still quirky and still has that “songwriter” feel to it. The song is about what you would expect, a new start. It’s very happy go lucky, definitely more “pop” than what you would typically get from a “singer-songwriter” (as she is categorized on iTunes). It’s super catchy. I like it. If you like her, or pop music, you’ll probably like it. And it’s free, so definitely don’t miss it. You can always delete it if you decide you hate it.

Next is Barbara Streisand. I can’t even finish the preview to this song. It’s a little frightening. One of the reviews says “I’m 61 years old and think this sounds like crap!!!!” So, I can’t even use the “She’s before my time” excuse. Just awful. Skip it. Don’t even bother.

The last song is “My Gun” by The Rubens. I’ve never heard of the band, which doesn’t surprise me from a free download. But, I’m glad I decided to download this song. At first listening to the preview, the repetition of “my gun” kind of annoyed me, but something about the singers voice reminded me of the Black Keys. The lyrics are a bit reminiscent of Johnny Cash’s storytelling, mixing with a cool rock sound. This song is definitely for listeners of “indie rock.” Download it if any of the above sounds appealing. If not, well, skip it.

(To get to the free on iTunes page, open up iTunes, and go to the store. On the right hand side of the iTunes store home page, there is a “Quick Links” bar. Towards the middle is the link for “Free on iTunes.)

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