Euphoria’s Hunter Schafer Named Shiseido’s Newest Global Brand Ambassador

Hunter Schafer SHISEIDO Global Brand Ambassador

Since the premiere of the HBO hit Euphoria Hunter Schafer’s star has been on the rise with her debut role. Actress, model and LGBTQ activist, Hunter Schafer is a multifaceted talented individual who is not only making quite the name for herself, but is using her platform to inspire, ignite change, and transcend boundaries by celebrating individuality on and off the screen and runway.

Hunter Schafer SHISEIDO Makeup’s Global Brand AmbassadorDespite the global pandemic putting a temporary freeze on things Schafer has not let that slow her down. She has added the exciting new role of being the Global Brand Ambassador for Japanese powerhouse beauty brand, Shiseido to her resume. Shiseido believes that beauty comes alive when inner and outer beauty are in dynamic harmony, which is why this partnership with Schafer was a perfect pairing.

“When I look at Shiseido, I see a level of artistic energy that is really unique. As someone who likes to be artistic with makeup, that was something that instantly attracted me to the brand. Shiseido is about more than trying to look pretty or appeal to a specific standard of beauty. Shiseido is parallel to art,” said Schafer

“We are so thrilled to collaborate with someone as creative, expressive, and authentic as Hunter,” says James Boehmer, Global Artistic Director for Shiseido Makeup. “She really represents the current zeitgeist of beauty in that there are no rules, no boundaries, and no restrictions.”

As Shiseido’s newest Global Brand Ambassador, she will make her first appearance in her first brand campaign beginning in 2021.

“Similar to Shiseido, Hunter is both modern and timeless,” says Boehmer. “She continues to write her own narrative, which is what we encourage people to do with makeup.” With her luminous complexion and incandescent spirit, Schafer epitomizes light that lifts from within.

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