Comic Con: ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2′ Panel Recap


On Thursday, the cast of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2″ participated in their very last Comic Con panel in San Diego, CA. Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Willow Shields, producer Nina Jacobsen and director Francis Lawrence were joined on stage by moderator Conan O’brien (you may have heard of him) to discuss the past films and what fans can look forward to in the finale.

The panel opened with a full drumline dressed in all white. Fans were then treated with a short teaser for the film, a “message from District 13.”

Sound the drums. Hall H begins at #SDCC! #MockingjaySDCC

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Jennifer and Josh proved their on screen chemistry is one hundred percent real. When asked about where Peeta is in part 2, he said, “It’s a long road to recovery and it has some bumps along the way. We pick Peeta up inside 13 trying to get himself back. He went through a lot back in the Capitol. They’re trying to rehabilitate him to be a good guy and help the cause.”

The gem that is Jennifer countered with “And he couldn’t stay away for long. He couldn’t resist this.”

As for Gale, Liam admits that although he’s been on the sidelines in the past films, he “becomes a big part as to how to attack the Capitol.”

The heartthrob said if he met Gale in real life he would tell him, “It’s alright mate, plenty of fish in the sea.” A possible option? Peeta, apparently.

After Josh admitted to looking forward to a scene that Peeta and Gale have, Jennifer was shocked she didn’t know about it. “There might be a kiss between Josh and I,” Hemsworth said. Josh quickly responded, “They said no spoilers, man!” DON’T TEASE US LIAM!

Francis told the crowd, “War is under way…this is where Katniss gets back in the action.” This was all revealed in the first trailer, which won’t make its way online for a while. (Sad face, I know). The trailer included some looks to the past, some Katniss and Peeta action, some big and deadly explosions at the Capitol, and President Snow saying, “The game is coming to its end.” At one point Peeta tells Katniss to make all the death mean something, which can point to one huge plot point (which I won’t reveal, but readers of the book YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT).

“Anyone who loves the end of the book will love the end of the movie,” Francis revealed, which again, tells anyone who read the books a lot. All I’m saying is YES, #TEAMPEETA. (Sorry for the spoiler, kinda).

Jennifer got a bit sentimental when talking about saying goodbye to Katniss, “I’ll never really say goodbye to her. I feel like it’ll always be a part of me.” She also clumsily gave Katniss credit, saying she hopes Katniss’ character rubbed off on her: “She’s brave and I’m an actress… What I have in my head is actually pretty interesting and there’s no way I’m going to be able to get it out. Something was kind of bestowed on Katniss in a way the same as saying yes to these movies was on to me. I’d like to hope that some of the leadership —you guys, I haven’t done interviews in like a year.”

The cast also tried to do the Mockingjay whisle… and failed. Liam belted out the X Files tune instead.

#JoshHutcherson, #JenniferLawrence and #LiamHemsworth attempt the #Mockingjay whistle. #MockingjaySDCC

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So… Is is November yet?

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