Captain America Is In The Know And Other Revelations At The Marvel Press Conference

The cast and directors of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" at the Marvel press conference (courtesy of Disney Studios)

After years of making huge Comic-Con appearances, fans know to expect big sneak peaks and great entertainment from Marvel and this year was no different. Most of the big reveals happened in the giant Hall H panel, but there were some great gems to be found in the more quaint and cozy Marvel press conferences.

Anthony Mackie opened up the “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” conference by asking everyone “How many of you guys saw the clip in the big room?” To which the room responded with loud shouting and grunting–Mackie did not realize the press conferences either happen right after or during the panels and that most reporters in the room did not see anything from the larger panel. Samuel L. Jackson jumped in to save his co-worker by telling everyone “he’s never been here before.”

Mackie made a quick joke and the room moved past the slip up in no time. Then the questions began. The first question went a little like this, “What sort of things are we going to see that maybe the audience will not be expecting?” Everyone looked around at each other for a second or two and Jackson jumped in again saying, “that’s on the talking point list of things we can’t talk about.”

Everyone laughed, but considering how big of a franchise Marvel is and that they were in a room filled with reporters, he probably wasn’t joking. Director Joe Russo interjected and gave the audience a vague idea of what the film would be like.

“You know uh, I think the movie is very different in tone than the first film. The first films was sort of a wonderful love letter to the original Captain of the time period. The Cap is now in the modern world, the movie’s a political thriller and in order to be germane to that tone we wanted a movie that’s modern that’s edgy and that’s as aggressive as it could be…”


Aside from the questions the cast couldn’t answer, there were also a few questions the cast didn’t understand (neither could most in the audience), but that was when most of the hilarity ensued. The final question of the conference went like this:

“I’m just curious, does anybody have any input, you know when the writers are writing and you want them to continue…”

“Downey!” Yelled Jackson

“I’m sorry?” the reporter asked.

“Downey has input in everything, we have no input. It’s all about Bob.”

“… So my question was…”

“So my question was, how much input does everyone have?” repeated Captain America himself, Chris Evans.


“No my question was is everybody concerned whether or not everyone’s going to like the second one as much as the first or you know it’s just as good?”

“That’s not our problem, that’s somebody else’s problem, Joss has written is already. I don’t think we’re concerned about that,” Jackson said.

“Are we?” Scarlett Johansson asked through a laugh. “Are you asking what part of the development, like how much we’re involved with the characters in this film? Is that the question?”

“No!” said Jackson. “In this film or the Avengers film?” He asked trying to clarify even further.

“The first film,” the reporter said.

“The first Cap or the first Avengers?” Evans asked with a very bewildered look on his face.

“The first Cap,” said the reporter.

“The first Cap?” Evans repeats.

“We weren’t in the movie,” Jackson yelled.

“These guys weren’t in the first Cap bro,” laughed Evans.

“I was there for like three hours, the last day,” Jackson said.

“You can get the DVD, it’s pretty good,” Mackie chimed in.

It seems as though not everyone in the room came fully prepared to ask questions, or maybe we were all a little starstruck? Who knows, but in between all the awkwardness reporters were able to get some information from the cast. For example, Evans revealed that Captain America is “with it” now.

“He knows how things work, he has a cell phone,” Evans said. “So we’re not just doing that one note, we’re trying to find humor in other places, thanks to Mackie in large part. He’s really good, he’s a funny guy.”

“I disagree,” director Joe Russo said sarcastically.

Sebastian Stan also revealed a little bit about the return of his character Bucky Barnes, now known as the Winter Soldier.

“In a sense he’s very similar to Rogers [Captain America] in that he’s another lost man in this new world so it’s a new journey for him, he’s just discovering about his own identity and sort of his role in this new world in his own way,” Stan said. “For me it was just sort of how was I going to tie that to what we’ve already seen in the first film and still recognize the same person in the end.”

Stan was referencing how his character returns to the franchise when it is revealed that he too was frozen in stasis for more than 50 years and comes back to join his pal Captain America in modern times (pal is a loose term, he may or may not be the villain this time around, depending on how closely the script follows the comic).

New cast mate Emily VanCamp was also on hand to talk about her character and taking on a new kind of role. Well, kind of, she couldn’t really say much.

“Um you know, I can’t reveal too much about the character, but I think people have a certain idea of who I’m playing and what I’m meant to be playing, but I think they’ll be surprised at how we introduce this character,” VanCamp said. “Compared to other things that I’ve done a lot of it’s been a bit different to this. It was certainly a challenging experience, an exciting experience. I had so much fun playing this part, but you know I can’t say too much about how we introduce her because I guess you just have to go see the movie, but it was a great experience.”

VanCamp’s Imdb page lists her as Agent 13, also known as Sharon Carter, a S.H.I.E.L.D agent and Captain America’s love interest. At the press conference she was listed as playing Kate so we really don’t know much about her character. VanCamp did reveal that there is definitely a bit of a spark between her and the Cap.

Overall, we don’t really know what to expect from this film, other than it will probably make a TON of money, the Cap has a cell phone, and Robert Downey Jr. is kind of in charge of all things Marvel.

For more clips from the press conference check out our YouTube channel and listen to the audio below.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier press conference full audio:

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