6 Fall Shows We Can’t Wait To Start Watching Again


Summer, the season of sand, surf, and sun… we’re sad to see you go, but with all the upcoming TV goodness in the weeks ahead, we say –good riddance! It’s time to get your onesie — or Snuggie® — out because the fall TV season is upon us.

While there are a plethora of shows to start and continue watching, there are six shows in particular that had us experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. Let’s take a look at the six addicting shows that will have us reuniting with our couches very soon.

1. “Empire,” FOX.

Season Premiere: September 23, 9pm ET/ 8pm CT

Now that the head Lyon is in prison, who will take the throne of Empire Records? Cookie, along with her three sons Andre, Jamal and Hakeem, battle it out for control of the company while hosting #FreeLucious concerts to benefit the patriarch. Isn’t that such a lovely family dynamic? Season 2 promises more romance for both Cookie and Hakeem, a darker side of Jamal, and several celebrity guest appearances (Vivica A. Fox as Cookie’s sister? Hell yeah!).

2. “How to Get Away With Murder,” ABC.

Season Premiere: September 24, 10pm ET/ 9pm CT

Viola Davis is back as the lead character (Annalise) of this ABC thriller and now has a new murder to solve. We know who killed Lila, but who the heck killed Rebecca?  We discovered Frank, Annalise’s right-hand man, was hired to kill Lila by Sam, Annalise’s husband. Now that Sam is out of the picture, we can’t suspect him nor Frank. We know from the trailer that Annalise confronts the killer,now we just have to wait an entire flashback-filled season to unmask the murderer.

3. “Gotham,” FOX.

Season Premiere: September 21, 8pm ET/ 7pm CT

The show had a rough start in terms of dialogue and plot, but it definitely improved towards the end of the inaugural season. Jim Gordon is now a fallen hero of sorts and turns to Penguin for counsel (nothing like a criminal to help you in a time of need, amirite?).

We’re sad that Fish Mooney (played by Jada Pinkett Smith) and her fierce nails won’t be returning for season 2, but there are new villains to look forward to—the Joker and Mr. Freeze. Let’s just hope FOX’s version of Mr. Freeze is NOTHING like the Arnold Schwarzenegger version in 1997’s “Batman & Robin.”

4. “`black-ish,” ABC.

September 23, 9:30pm ET/ 8:30pm CT

blackish cast

When the show’s plot was released and advertisements appeared all over Los Angeles, we were a little worried. Thankfully enough, black-ish is a refreshing take on the nuclear family household and is a show we didn’t know we needed.  There were no cliffhangers in this sitcom so we’re just looking forward to kicking back and laughing our asses off to some incredible one-liners.


5. “The Mindy Project,” Hulu.

September 15, available at start of day.

Don’t be afraid to admit that you cried tears of joy when Hulu announced that they picked up “The Mindy Project” for 26 more episodes. Before the show was taken off Fox we left off with Mindy’s pregnancy reveal and Danny jet setting to India to formally ask Mindy’s parents for her hand in marriage. This season will grace us with an adventurous Danny, Mindy’s interesting journey into motherhood, a half-naked Morgan (the usual) and celebrity appearances by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (YES!). Take a look at the trailer below to see more.

6. “Scandal,” ABC. 

September 24, 9pm ET/ 8pm CT

Now that ABC just released the first season 5 trailer, we are left salivating over all the juicy goodness that is sure to come in the new season.  After the season 4 had Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) kicking Mellie (Bellamy Young) out of the White House and Olivia sharing a steamy kiss with him almost immediately after, we are pumped to see what will happen in the “Scandal” universe now that Fitz and Olivia (Kerry Washington) are officially together. And since we are very much team Jake (Scott Foley), we are anxious to see what will happen to his character now that he’s not rolling in the sheets with Olivia. If all the drama from last season didn’t already make you want to tune in, the NSFW season 5 trailer might just put you over the edge.

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