‘Pretty Little Liars’ Fans Will Find Out A’s Identity Tonight


The night has finally come! After five and a half seasons of kidnappings, near death experiences, WTF moments, and lots of red herrings “Pretty Little Liars” fans are finally going to find out who A is –like for real.

Creator Marlene King confirmed in several interviews that the ABC Family drama will reveal the answers to all of its biggest mysteries in Tuesday’s season-six summer finale, including the identity of the nefarious “A.”

King was very clear in saying that fans will learn the truth about EVERYTHING. Tonight we will find out who Charles is, the identities of Red Coat and Black Widow, and who hit Alison and Bethany.

PLL creators have been leaking clues all over the place in anticipation of the finale, but unfortunately they haven’t helped much. On Tuesday’s Good Morning America they leaked the clue, “A has been in more than five episodes.” This tells us absolutely nothing since most characters on the show have been in more than five episodes, but it’s keeping us talking.

Shay Mitchell did say in an interview with the Yahoo! TV that many fans have already guessed “A’s” identity.

“Some people might know who it is — maybe they would’ve known the whole time — but at the end of the day, you’re not going to be able to guess how and why and all of that,” she teased. “The way that it unravels is so well done, so thought out. They’ve been planning this for a while so every single detail has gone into this reveal. So there’s no way — unless you’ve been in Marlene’s head this entire time — that you are going to know everything.”

All the teasers and clues have fans buzzing about the finale on social media. After all this time, people have lost their patience and they’re making their excitement clear.

Check out some of the best PLL tweets we’ve seen on Twitter so far.

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