Orange County’s Dance Gem

Jimmie Defore dancers (courtesy of Jimmie Defore)

Generally speaking, Orange County has a reputation for being dull compared to L.A., but dance enthusiasts

Jimmie Defore dancers (courtesy of Jimmie Defore)

could entertain themselves for days at the Jimmie Defore Dance Center in Irvine.

This famous dance studio has been open for 32 years and has trained some of the best dancers in the entertainment industry. So You Think You Can runner up “Twitch” trained there while attending Chapman University and some of the choreographers were contestants on ABDC. The studio also offers a lot of variety so dancers from all kinds of backgrounds will have something to choose from (well unless your specialty is Russian folk dance, last time I checked they didn’t offer that).

Students do not have to have a lot of experience either, choreographers will teach the basics in any dance style. Our personal favorite for beginners is Danny Hochman’s hip hop class on Tuesday nights. He adjusts to your pace no matter what level and he is very friendly so you don’t have to feel awkward if you don’t know anyone. More advanced hip hop enthusiasts should take Tim Stevenson’s class on Monday nights. His moves are very innovative and creative, they are also difficult…do not take this class if you’re never danced before. Stevenson has choreographed for Jennifer Lopez, Jo Dee Messina, Chris Rock, Ty Hemdon, Destiny’s Child, Stacie Oricco and many others.

So, if you happen to be in the area and want to squeeze in some fun and fitness, take a trip over to Jimmie Defore. 

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