Kendra Wilkinson & Vanessa Simmons Celebrate Evereden’s New Kid’s Skin Care Launch

Kendra Wilkinson & kids at Evereden launch

Self-care is and will always be one trend that never goes out of style, and with the launch of Evereden’s kids’ skincare line we can instill this important habit in the littlest members of our society as early as 4 years old. Since its launch Everden has been a trailblazer in toxic family skincare with its infant and baby skincare lines as well as its pregnant mom to be lines. The Kids Multi-Vitamin Skincare Line is latest addition to brand giving parents a great opportunity to teach their 4 to10 year old children the importance personal hygiene.

Vanessa Simmons & daughter at Evereden launch

As babies grow up into kids, we actively encourage their development in every way so why not provide them with the necessary building blocks to promote skin health. Kids’ skin can still become sensitive to formulas made to tackle adult skin issues, but baby products don’t feel quite right either since kids need more than just gentle formulations. They need care that will actively promote proper skin health so that kids’ skin stays hydrated, smooth and balanced.

ThEvereden kids skincare productse Kids Multi-Vitamin Skincare Line comes in three c that are made of sustainably sourced ingredients. The scents are cool peach, fresh pomelo, and melon juice each giving a unique fresh and delightful experience. The line includes five signature products: foaming face wash, face cream, foaming body wash, body lotion, and an all in one shampoo and conditioner. Celebrity moms like Kendra Wilkinson and Vanessa Simmons are already tapping into this brand for their kiddos and even attended Evereden’s launch in Los Angeles on April 24th with their kids.

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