Kendra Wilkinson Baskett Debuts Sexy New Look


As girls, whenever we are going through huge changes in our lives we like to change things up with our look to reflect our circumstances. For most of us that change tends to involve our hair, because it is the easiest way to make you feel like a brand new woman. Celebrities are no exception to rule and even they go through these changes.

Recently Kendra Wilkinson Baskett found out she and her husband, Hank are expecting their second child. With such big changes on the horizon Kendra wanted to get a new look that required less maintenance and had an overall lighter feel. She finally decided to commit to getting the change on Nov. 20.

So who did she entrust with her luscious locks none other than amazing celebrity stylist, Mika Fowler and celebrity colorist, Kim Vo. Kendra came into the Kim Vo Salon in Beverly Hills and got one of Fowler’s famous dry cuts. By the end of her transformation Kendra had a lovely long bob or a lob as some like to call it with a great golden blonde color.

Fowler took Kendra through the amazing transformation seamlessly. The cut speaks for itself and the soon to be mommy looks gorgeous and ready to take on juggling the roles of being a mother of two and wife. It is nice to see Kendra taking all this on all while maintaining her sexiness.

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