Avril Lavigne Shares Her Love of Slim Secrets Snacks

Avril Lavigne_Slim Secrets

Celebs they’re just like us with their penchant for snacking. But unlike us they don’t have the luxury of completely letting themselves go so they need to be smart with their snack choices. So, for them it’s about finding the balance between tasty but not totally unhealthy, because with their busy schedules they need something to keep them going, and not crashing.

Pop punk queen, Avril Lavigne who’s currently working on her latest studio album recently shared her snacking secret. Considering how this star manages to stay forever youthful, and in shape like when she first debuted we were all ears. Her go to snack was none other than the line of snacks Slim Secrets. With summer and the desire to stay fit we were instantly won over once we heard the word Slim in the Slim Secrets snack line’s name.

Slim Secrets_SnacksThe Slim Secrets line is the creation of wellness coach, mother of three and daughter of a doctor, Sharon Thurin. Sharon goal with Slim Secrets was to create convenient, delicious and nutritionally balanced snacks to help people nourish their lives and pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. The company’s philosophy isn’t about extreme dieting but finding healthier ways to have it all, which is an idea that everyone can get behind and aim to maintain in their daily lives. So, whether your goal is weight loss, health, fitness or simply staying satisfied between meals, Slim Secrets has something for you including gluten free, high protein, and low carb options as well.

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