Selena Gomez on MTV’s The Seven


I was invited to attend a special acoustic performance by Selena Gomez for MTV’s The Seven today (09/24) in New York City. Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed, so you guys will have to wait until the air date to see it. But, Selena definitely surprised me. I had heard her singles from her new cd “A Year Without Rain,” and although I think they’re catchy, I wasn’t expecting much from her. But I was very impressed.

Selena only sang two songs; “A Year Without Rain” and “Round and Round,” but she sounded great. The stripped, acoustic versions of the songs sounded just as good as the originals, if not better. In between the takes, she sang Pixie Lott’s “Mama Do,” and told everyone how big of a fan she is. (Not sure if they’ll use that for the show!) Four fans got to ask questions, where she revealed she’s a huge Cheryl Cole fan. She also said “Rock God,” was her favorite song off her new album. Selena was extremely sweet to the fans there, thanked everyone for showing up so early, and made sure to take pictures with everyone who waited to meet her.

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