RECAP: Ted And Barney Hold Hands For Peace


Last week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother ended with Barney revealing he saw Ted and Robin at the carousel (which we saw last season). In last nights episode, Ted quickly explains that he was simply helping her find the locket she had buried years earlier. Barney understands, and all is forgiven (so it seems), and the two cry over the $600 bottle of scotch Ted had broken out of surprise when he was confronted.

Soon after begin the favors for Barney… Barney asks Ted to switch rooms with his aunts, to re-handwrite all the place cards for the wedding, to store doves in his new dungeon-like room. But, the worst part is when Barney reveals his best man- William Zabka. Ted realizes that Barney is still upset over his moment with Robin.

Barney brings out the Bro-code (now available in hotels and airplanes), and tries to say that holding hands with a bro’s fiancee is not okay. The two find nothing in the book explicitly saying so, and so bring in Marshall to be an impartial judge. Marshall, who is in the form of Marshpillow- a body pillow with an iPad that he’s FaceTiming to, ruled that Ted and Robin holding hands is not weird— as long as Ted and Barney holding hands wouldn’t be weird, either. So the two sat on the beach, holding hands, and airing out their true feelings. Ted finally admits the truth: He still has feelings for Robin. Barney commands him to turn the feelings off. We learn Ted is just as frustrated as Barney (and us), and although he can’t promise things won’t be weird, he promises he’ll do “everything to move on and live with it. The question is, can you?” And like that, all is well, and Ted is best man again. Although, William Zabka is not pleased with this, and tells Ted “I’m coming for you, Mosby.”

Over in the land of Robin and Barney, Robin is frustrated with Lily for throwing her a lame bachelorette party. Lily, who had lied and said she forgot to invite all of Robin’s girls, reveals that in she didn’t forget- in fact, Robin just had no “girls.” Lily attempts to teach Robin to make girl friends, leading to an amazing judgement on girls in comfortable heels- “Comfortable shoes? What, are you filibustering later? Put on some heels!” But, as soon as Robin makes friends, the green monster comes out in Lily. Robin sees her jealousy and tells her, “ that’s why I only need you. You’re a psycho. You’re my psycho.” Patrice barges in, and this time Lily takes the cue to shoo her off by yelling the famous name- “PATRICE!”

So, can we have more of Marshall? The Mom? Please?

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